Dreamhost Dreamobject Support?

I love that oDrive already supports so many systems. One of the systems i was a bit taken aback to not notice supported was Dreamhosts Dreamobject system since it uses the S3 style system to create buckets on their network / etc. I would think it would be super easy.

Hello, thanks for the great suggestion! We will definitely take a look in to this.

+1 on this. Is the only thing stopping me from going Premium. It’s pretty much Amazon S3 so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement

+1. DreamObjects is most user friendly.

Hi @creidenouer,
We recently added S3 compatible support to odrive, so this should work, although I have not tested against Dreamobjects.

It should just be a matter of using the Dreamobjects storage host (objects-us-east-1.dream.io, for example), specifying your id and key, and then choosing the type of configuration (more on that here: What is the difference between the two Directory Structure options for S3 and Google Cloud Storage).

Let me know if you aren’t able to get it working and I can try to take a closer look.

I just wanted to update this thread that we have a dedicated integration to Dreamhost Dreamobjects storage now: https://www.odrive.com/links/dreamhost