Double clicking folder opens to a browser by default

First my question: I just installed odrive desktop sync. I see my files and folders in Finder. When I click on a folder, my computer tries to open a browser window and then it opens the folder i’m clicking on in a separate finder window. So then I need to go find the separate Finder window. This is not ideal. I’d like the computer to show me what is inside that folder in the same Finder window.

Is there a fix for that?

Some background: I work at an organization that uses Google Drive and I prefer to have the file structure synced locally to my own hard drive. It’s worked out relatively well except that as the org grows the data becomes pretty unwieldy.

I am excited that odrive may help me with the placeholder feature–not downloading actual files until I need them. Unsyncing would be better, but we don’t have budget for me to pay for the monthly cost yet.

Thank you,

Expected behavior is to open the file within the same Finder window you used to initiate the cloudf expand. I have not seen the behavior you are describing.

What does the browser window open to?