Do we have odrive version for Apple M1 chip yet?

do we have odrive version for Apple M1 chip yet?
does the current version work with new Macbooks with M1?

thank you

no answer from developers ;-(

Hi @homonto,
The current version of odrive works under Rosetta 2 and should be fully functional on your new M1 system. We do not have a native M1 version available.

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Is there a road map or estimated time for release?

I want to clarify that the current version of odrive will work under Rosetta 2. We just don’t have an M1 “native” build.

Please let us know if you experience any issues running the current version on an M1 system.

There’s also so more info in the blog post announcement from today:

Rosetta 2 frontloads as much translation work as it can to install time, so it should be better than a pure on-the-fly translation approach.

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Thank you @Tony and @JeffL for your great work - I can confirm that odrive works… as it should with M1 (lucky me bought M1 yesterday)
so far no issues experienced


It would be just great you compile it for Apple silicon too!