Discard option deleted files


i just installed the odrive software because i wanted to have a sync-tool for amazon drive.

I had everything set up (as it seemed) and moved about 30gbyte of data to the odrive folder on my hard disk.

The tray icon told me (after right clicking it) that it had no access to files that it wanted to sync (i dont remember the actual wording on that button) - after pressing it a popup opened with 2 buttons

  • discard changes
  • abort

Pressing discard changes seems to have deleted all the data without further warning. Was this expected to happen / is there any option i could recover my data?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @sataan1337,
I am very sorry to hear this.

The discard functionality will delete the relevant items, attempting to move the files into the OS recycle bin, if possible. Have you checked the recycle bin for the items?

I am guessing the error you saw was a “not allowed” error, possibly from dragging the files directly into the odrive folder? When you choose to discard your changes odrive will literally discard your changes.

If you cannot find the files in the recycle bin you may need to resort to a file recovery tool to get those files back. What operating system are you running?


thanks for your reply.
Actually the data was in the recycle bin, thank you :slight_smile:
(The data was not that important that i would go through a file recovery process (as i remember those take quite a while))

The error was that “not allowed” one - perhaps the wording may be a little bit more precise there ^^

If dragging files into the odrive folder causes that error, what would be the preferred way to add new files?


Thanks for the follow-up. We are changing the verbiage from “Discard your changes” to “Delete your changes” to make it more clear.

As for dragging files into odrive, you can certainly do that, just make sure you are dragging them into a linked storage account and not into the root of the odrive folder.

More about that here: