Diagnosing Performance Problems

I am finding that on one of my computers odrive has been pegging multiple CPUs and I have no idea what it could possibly be doing. Since there is no means of throttling odrive’s thirst for resources (only bandwidth, nebulously I might add as “limited” is pretty vague!) it is often impossible to have it running if you want to get work done. I am not sure if this a factor with my computer all of the sudden or if it is something odrive is doing, but not knowing what it is doing is a bit of a problem. I am not able to see very much in the system logs about odrive so maybe I am not looking in the right place to find out what it is up to. Any suggestions?

Hi @DarfNader,

  • What type of system is this?
  • Does the task manager/activity monitor show the odrive process as pegging the system? Which process, specifically (there are a couple)?
  • Does stopping automatic sync change the behavior?
  • Is this system tracking a lot of data (scope of files and folders)?