Detach a folder outside of odrive location with free subscription

During the trial I synced a folder on my mac that was outside of the main odrive folder structure, but I forgot to unlink it once the trial ended and now odrive is interfering with files in this folder and causing problems.

It was a pictures folder, and as I was updating the metadata in some of the files I am getting conflicts. Fortunately I have backups of the originals, but I want to stop odrive interacting with this folder.

When I click “unsync” I get the “This is a premium feature” message but I’m not sure whether it’s unsync I want. As I understand it unsync will just turn my files to placeholders and I want to disconnect this folder from odrive completely.

Could you give me guidance please??

Hi @face,

I think what you’re looking for is how to end a “Sync to odrive” (Sync External Folder) relationship. The documentation for that feature is here:

Once you’ve set up a direct sync relationship with a folder outside of the main odrive folder structure, you right-click on that folder and select “Remove Sync” in order to turn off the “Sync to odrive” relationship.

That being said, I’m surprised that after the trial ended you still have that relationship configured and that it’s continuing to try to sync changes. “Sync to odrive” is a Premium feature, too.

Let me know if you’re able to “Remove Sync” on that folder or if you’ve got any other questions.


P.S. “Unsync” (placeholder sync) is a separate feature for saving disk space… it can turn a locally synced file (green checkmarked) into a placeholder file. More details about Unsync can be found here: