Desktop Sync Install Error (Windows 10)

When I try to install desktop sync, it times out during the “initializing” phase with error 0x800705b4. Attached is the log file (user info redacted).

One other thing that might or might not be related: after I run the installer and click agree on the license window, another instance of the installer automatically runs again (and new instances will similarly keep reappearing if I click agree).

Thanks for any help.

odrive.log (4.2 KB)

Hi @misdirects,
This is a new one.

Can you try right-clicking->“Run as administrator” on the installer and see if that helps? If not, are you able to login to that system as a local administrator and install? Once installed you can log back in as your user and run odrive.

I did try both of those ideas, but the behavior each time was the same as when running it with regular privileges from a regular account.

Do you have any anti-virus, endpoint protection, or any other such application that could be interfering with the install?

Just Microsoft Defender, which I temporarily turned off, and then I tried the install again, but it does the same thing as before–

Hi @misdirects,
I extracted the MSI and cab from our installer. I am hoping that running it direct may get past this error. Can you download, extract, and run the msi please?

Yes, that installed perfectly!! Thanks!

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