Delta (Incremental) Sync

After looking through the forums i could not find the answer so hopefully someone in the know can help me.

Basically i want to run a Virtual Machine via the cloud. The idea is that i set the machine up on one computer and then have it synchronize to another couple of computers via a cloud provider.

Because the VMs are very large files (30gn+) i was hoping to just do one large sync, and then keep them all updated using some sort of incremental delta sync to update them.

At the moment the best provider i can see for this is Dropbox but i am very interested to know if odrive+Amazon cloud can do.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi @daniel.c.macmillan,
Currently there aren’t any services that allow delta sync via their APIs. Even services like Dropbox, that support delta sync capabilities via their own client, to not offer an API to upload incremental changes to an existing file.

Are there any plans to try to solve this problem? Do you know if any of the providers are intending to implement this for their APIs?

Hi @edewitt,
Not that I know of. In order for us to do it independently we would probably need to create our own pseudo files on the storage and then assemble them when synced or downloaded. It is possible, but not something we have on the roadmap at this time.

Hi there,

I have an inquiry which is as below:

If a user has a large, say 1GB, art file that he needs to work on, doesn’t O-drive sync it to his desktop the first time he accesses it, so that, from then on, he’s accessing it locally? Or does it only save to the cloud, so that “saving changes” take a while?

However, I am hoping the O-drive still only saves changes within the file (block-level sync) rather than the whole file, correct?

Please let me know as I browse through the sync section and did not find anything clear. I hope someone will answer my to my queries.

Hi @jalmonte,
Please take a look at the above post for some information on this.