Deleting files from external hard drive

I must have something setup wrong. I have odrive installed on internal drive on mac and am syncing folder on external drive to amazon drive. I like it because it doesn’t actually download the files it syncs to my internal drive. But i just checked and on my external drive every file it is syncing it is actually deleting and only leaving the file name with cloud ending. how do i stop it from deleting my files after uploads and how do i get the files back it already synced

Hi @wpcrumbley,
Did you enable auto-unsync in the odrive tray menu? Look under "Set auto unsync to see what it is set to.
More on auto-unsync:

Can you also send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

The files you are seeing are placeholder files. They represent the cloud data locally without taking up space. You can sync them back down locally at any time.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did turn on the auto unsync, which I just turned off. If I read the post about getting the files back correctly if I turn on the auto download feature on it will bring the files back? But I want to make sure the auto download feature doesn’t download the files to my internal drive where the odrive folder is located.

You can use recursive sync to pull all of the files back down that were turned into placeholders. Take a look at this section of our usage guide:

You would want to right-click on the topmost folder for the items you are syncing on the external hard drive.

That articles has too much stuff in it that i don’t understand. It has placeholder folders, placeholder files, moving files, opening folder, accessing files. I get lost. If its the sections about sync all files, mine doesn’t look like that (see photo) is that because its not done uploading?

Hi @wpcrumbley,
Yes, you won’t see the right-click->sync option while sync is currently active on that path. Since you have disabled auto-unsync you won’t have files being converted to placeholders, going forward. I would suggest waiting for sync to finish, then downloading the files that were converted to placeholders.

If you need any of those files locally, in the meantime, you can manually sync them.

Thank you!!!

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