Deleted files from HDD


I’ve changed my HDD but I’ve deleted some files to make some room without using unsync because it was on a different computer.

Now, I’m ready to reconnect the new HDD (which is a clone of the previous one minus some files & folders) but I’m afraid Odrive is going to sync and delete the files missing on the HDD in the cloud.

Hi @fushankwoon,
If odrive detects that files are missing locally but are in the cloud then it will assume the files were deleted on purpose locally. If you do not have auto-trash rules set in odrive then those deletes will not be sent to the cloud until you choose to empty the odrive trash.

Once they are listed there you can “recover” them, which will cancel the delete and create placeholder files for the recovered items.

Hi, thank you for the answer. Just one more thing, is it possible to sync from Cloud to Local or is it working only the other way?

Hi @fushankwoon,
odrive sync works both ways, so it can sync local to cloud and cloud to local. Take a look here for more information: