Decrypting Data without odrive?



Your comment is from August but I just stumbled upon this and yeah… those are my same worries also. One of my tweets expresses that same worry.

Documentation on encryption should be done when the Backup feature + encryption comes in fruition.


+1 for this feature. This is a critical piece of the puzzle for me.


Also my +1, I think this a must-have feature to have. I like your comforting message @Tony, but like many others in this tread, I like to be in control of the decryption process. It would be awesome if this feature can have priority.


yes! this would address the very first concern I have shall anything happen to odrive. But I hope not! I think i’ll be signing up for premium feature after the trial.


I think it’s pretty clear that paying users would really like to see this feature. Trusting a third party for encryption is not sufficient. There shouldn’t be technical problems: assuming encryption is based on user’s password, that user should be able to decrypt based on some external decryption script decoupled from odrive. If there’s no way to do this at the moment, how can we trust that if odrive fell off the map entirely, it would be possible? There’s no way to know if there is some mixed seeds set on some odrive server that would make this impossible. Pretty please prioritize this. It’s important.


Is there any update on this? I’ve been using the odrive encryption feature more and more and every day I worry about my data potentially being lost. I know that Tony promised this won’t happen, but having a tool readily available is always better than blind faith.


I can promise you that this will not happen. There will always be a working way to decrypt your files. Currently that is the odrive desktop app.

And if odrive ceases to exist?


Hi @Jon_V,
What I said holds true. We would make good on our promise, even if something were to happen to the company (highly unlikely).

You will not be stuck.


I have read this “it’s possible with your desktop client before”. But i’m still not really sure what this means.
Does it really continue working to download and decrypt files from either of the cloud providers if the odrive service is not working? How i see it right now, once the odrive server does not confirm i’m a premium customer, my encrypted files are inaccessible.

So unless you can provide me with an actual working example i see this as a “no it’s impossible (at the moment)”.

Please don’t get me wrong, i find it amazing what odrive does and how easy it makes many things, but there are still issues that need to be addressed before i trust it to handle sensitive files.


Hi @facebook,
These are all valid concerns and I certainly don’t want to marginalize them. We will be creating a standalone client/utility, but the priority is lower than other things, at the moment.

You do need a Premium subscription to use Encryptor. In the scenario where there is a short odrive service down situation (which has not happened, thus far), the odrive client would still work for a while to decrypt your files as long as you had already gained access to the Encryptor folder and odrive had confirmed your Premium subscription prior to the service becoming inaccessible. I just tested this myself by blocking access to the odrive service on my system and verifying that I could still download and access my encrypted content. It will not work indefinitely, because there will be session expiration/validation that will need to happen periodically (times will vary depending on the storage service), but it will be long enough to deal with a temporary comm break.

Keep in mind that all encryption/decryption happens exclusively on the odrive client (there is no cloud component needed for it) and the odrive client will communicate directly to the remote storage for access to that data.


Can you explain the technical reasoning why this isn’t possible to do with a de-facto non-odrive process?


It probably is, if you extract that part of the code from the odrive client.
But since they sell it as premium feature it’s a bit problematic to decouple it from the subscription.


It is possible. It just needs to be done.


It’s not only about the availability of the service. It is a problem if you suddenly don’t have premium membership.
If as a premium user I encrypted folders/files and I choose to cancel premium membership, I should be able to get my data decrypted .


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I appreciate the engagement, and I know that the post was well-intentioned, but the official odrive forum is not the proper place to advertise solutions that are in direct competition with odrive products. Additionally, the product that was suggested has known issues working with odrive.

Please PM me if you have any questions or wish to discuss further.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hello guys. All of you are right. This is an emergency future.
This should to be 1st thing on the list of features

and after that -

-2. Create backups to any destination in odrive.
-3. Backup local disk folders.
-4. Backup network folders.
-5. Automatic versioning to preserve every copy.

Lol, this feature is not included at all in that feature list.

I began already to encrypt a lot of my data, but Im worrying also about this issue.

I hope that will fixed sooner that we can except.
So all guys who is responsible to manage this issues - you should to work faster.

If that will happen faster, I promise you, that I can share a good story about you on facebook account (is not mine but Im manager of that account). We have more then 4.000 friends.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for your feedback. This is still planned and I will ping this thread as soon as I have an update to provide.


Great. Thanks. I like your app, its working amazing with Amazon Cloud, and in the same time encrypting.



Any update?
I don’t understand why it takes so long to release the tool, while it’s basically already included in the odrive app. you just need to do a standalone with the extract of the code that matter.

Security by obscurity?..

THe more we wait, the more we’ll have trust issues.


+1. I am a happily paying pro member but this is starting to irk/be somewhat annoying.

If this isn’t something that can be delivered while you do exist as a company who’s to say delivering help to recover data when you’re not around will happen? Saying “it will work” is a nice sentiment but there’s no way to know if there is some seed on the server that will cease decryption from working. This is getting in the way of spreading odrive love (it’s got a lot going for it!).