Customized sync rules for subfolders not visible


I am running trial version and while I see some odrive items in context menu, I do not see “Create customized sync rules for any subfolder.”

It’s a very important feature for me and I’d like to try it prior to purchasing premium subscription.

Please let me know how I can test it.

Thank you!


The option is found when you right-click on a folder. You will see a dialog like this:

Selecting “Save and apply to new files and folders” is the option you are looking for.



Thank you for the response. I get this dialog, however I was looking for setting Auto-Unsync parameter at folder level.
Is this option available?

Thank you!


Right now auto-unsync is set globally, but folder-based auto-unsync settings are something we are considering.

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Understood, thank you!


Auto Unsync by folder would be fantastic. Global is almost unusable for me. Essentially I end up needing to choose between the time to regularly go through and unsync specific emails and folders or having to resync/download large files that I access on a semi-regular basis.

This is a much needed feature. And if it were possible to prevent auto unsync by file, that would be even better. At least by folder, one can create two folders which is clumsy but gets the job done.

Unsync “rules” could be facilitated through the odrive CLI and some scripting. It would require a cronjob or timed task to ensure that the rules were enforced every so often, but I could see it working quite well for folks. If there is enough interest I’ll see if I can find some time to script up an example.

I’d be pleased to do testing for you and then return to you a script I have customized from what you send me with accompanying embedded comments so someone less knowledgable could customize the script for themselves.

I use Macro Express which I can use to run a timed script for me.

Forgot to follow-up on this, but I wrote a blog post about our CLI and the “advanced” script goes through an unsync example that some folks may be interested in: