Corrupt Folder / Organizer error?

@Tony ,

We are having an issue syncing a folder from our Chicago office with the mac client. The issue is that one or more files appear to cause the sync to get corrupted and it aborts the rest of the uploads in that folder. It is not clear what file is causing the issue as the error message only says “Organizer error.” Other folders seem to upload without issue. I have tried copying all of the files out of the odrive folder and pasting them into a new folder that has a fresh sync and the issue reappears for both copies of the folder.

I can have the user submit a diagnostic report tomorrow is that would help.


Hi @tfay,
Yes, please send a diagnostic and I can take a look and see what the issue might be.


Ok, report sent from user mstanley. The issue also appears to be larger than originally thought. New accounts are not able to sync either.

Hi @tfay,
Moved to direct message.