Contextual Menu Items Missing / Mac OS X High Sierra

Screen capture here:

Unable to see/use contextual menu items and having to use the “Open With…” function to sync archived folders. Granted just a small inconvenience, but an issue none the less.


Hi @invertedcommas,
Apologies for the late reply on this one. Thanks for the screenshot. It looks like the Finder extension is loaded, since you can see it at the top of the Finder window there, alongside the Dropbox one. When you click on that does it show any options?

Can you try toggling the odrive Finder extension in System Preferences->Extensions? Can you also see if it make any difference if the Dropbox extension is turned off?

Hi @Tony – no worries. Thanks for the reply.

The oDrive extension in the Finder was not showing options:

However, after toggling the extension the options did show up again:

DIdn’t try the Dropbox trick since the extension toggle did the trick. Thanks for the help.


Hi @invertedcommas,
Glad you are back in business. Thanks for the update!

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