Connect to local ftp server without internet access


My 2nd laptop (Win 10 Pro), is setup using the Windows 10 inbuilt ftp server, locally based. The last 2 days I had an internet outage (absolutely no internet at all).

The 2nd laptop (ftp server) and 1st laptop (client) are all based locally behind the router. During
the internet outage I had no access to the local ftp server. I had thought that because it was all based locally behind the router, I should have access to my local ftp server with or without internet.

My ftp link setup in Odrive Web is referring to the local (internal) IP address.

Is this expected behaviour or is there some setting I need to make so I can have access without or without internet.


I need to look at the exact behavior here. The communication between the odrive client and your ftp server is direct, but odrive still needs to talk to the odrive service to make sure there haven’t been account changes, that you are still a valid user, etc.