Confused about autodownload settings

I am sharing a dropbox folder and subfolders with others. I want to only sync selected folders. I have that working fine. I have autodownload set to never - which I understand to mean on demand. The problem is that if the others in my group add subfolders or files, I don’t realize that they are there because they are not automatically downloaded. The question is this - If I set autodownload to always will it work on just selected folders or on everything, including folders I don’t want to sync.

The auto download setting will dictate what the behavior of files are at a global level. This limit affects files only, and only within already expanded folders (folders you have explicitly decides to sync). It will not expand new folder that are added remotely.

As an example, if you have double-clicked to expand folder A, that folder will “open” and any files within it will download according to the auto download limit that has been set. Any new files added remotely that show up in that folder will also download according to the currently set limit. Any new folders added remotely that show up in that folder will remain placeholders until you decide to sync them.

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Thanks. That’s just what I wanted to know