Conflict with dropbox while syncing odrive

Hi. I moved my dropbox folder onto an external drive inside odrive. I had to reinstall dropbox and now when I launch odrive it’s creating lost of conflicted files - like this word.doc (conflict).

What do I do to get odrive to sync without creating these conflicts? Do I trash Dropbox completely?


Hi @jfr,

You can keep the Dropbox application installed in your machine side by side with odrive (Ideally, It is not required since you already have “odrive” to sync all your stuff from Dropbox and other services like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive and etc… in unified location)

To sync files to /from your Dropbox account:

  1. Add “Dropbox” link from (+Get more links)
  2. Open “odrive folder” from tray menu in your desktop
  3. Expand “Dropbox” folder
  4. Add your desired files / folders inside expanded Dropbox folder (odrive), it will sync all items from your desktop to Dropbox (vice versa). No need to move “Dropbox” folder created by dropbox app directly into odrive folder, it may cause some unwanted behavior for both apps.

You can get more useful guide here:

Btw, I have also tried to replicate the conflicted files issue by following your mentioned steps but it looks like files are syncing without creating any conflict at my end.

Please let me know if you face any issue in syncing your files.


  • Asif