Completely remove odrive (from contect menu) OSX


Dear Odrive community;

How do i completely get rid of oDrive; i have uninstalled and removed all the folders (applications/folders; /library/apllication support/; ~/odrive and ~/.odrive)

But when i right click anywhere in finder, i still get the “No options Available” from odrive. i tried searching for this in the services tab from the keyboard system preferences, but it’s not there neither.

This drives me nuts !


Hi Randy,
If ~.odrive is gone, try restarting Finder, or restarting the system. You can restart Finder by holding down Option key and right clicking on Finder’s Dock icon, then selecting “Relaunch” from the menu.


Hi Tony;

I tried this; i used killall Finder; i used a hard quit on Finder and rebooted; the item is still there.


What does this command show in the terminal?
ps aux | grep odrive


I got the same situation. Here is what I got on my terminal

Last login: Mon May 9 07:21:56 on console
Emanuels-Mac-mini:~ Emanuel$ ps aux | grep odrive
Emanuel 411 0.4 1.3 2576856 56048 ?? Ss 7:27AM 0:00.36 /Users/Emanuel/.odrive/bin/5332/
Emanuel 415 0.0 0.0 2434840 756 s000 S+ 7:27AM 0:00.00 grep odrive
Emanuels-Mac-mini:~ Emanuel$ ps aux | grep odrive
Emanuel 420 0.0 1.3 2576856 56036 ?? Ss 7:31AM 0:00.29 /Users/Emanuel/.odrive/bin/5332/
Emanuel 423 0.0 0.0 2444056 772 s000 S+ 7:32AM 0:00.00 grep odrive
Emanuels-Mac-mini:~ Emanuel$

Please advise,


You can disable odrive’s finder extension by going to “system preferences” > “Extensions” and unchecking odrive.


This FAQ post goes through the details of full removal.

@elm750 in your post you can see that Finder has the extension loaded from “/Users/Emanuel/.odrive/”. That would need to be removed and the system restarted.