Cloud-to-Cloud Transfers?

Does oDrive offer cloud-to-cloud transfers like a lot of these other services?

For example, you connect your Google Drive account to your OneDrive account and it uses their servers and their bandwidth to transfer the data… and very fast most of the time.

I would be interested in Google Drive to Wasabi.

Hi @hbrow16,
Thanks for reaching out.

The current odrive product doesn’t have this capability, but another product to do this is currently in development and should be available for beta testing within the next 2 months.

Would you be interested in beta testing?

Can you also tell me a little bit about your use case for this? Is it for redundancy, migration, something else?

I would love to beta test. If it helps, I have coding experience in .NET (C#, ASP, etc.) so I know how to debug.

Use case would first to migrate from Google Drive and keep PC backed up and in sync, similar to like I had with BackBlaze.

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