CLI uploadThrottlingThreshold

I’m wondering how to change the upload throttling threshold in the CLI? Status says it’s set to “normal”, but it’s using my entire UL pipe (10 Mbit).

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Can you tell me what OS you are using?

The CLI doesn’t yet have a command for changing the throttling. The intention of Normal is to apply just enough throttling to prevent total saturation, but it sounds like that is not working as expected from your observations.

Are you currently performing bulk uploading?

I guess this has not changed since? I still can’t find a command to limit mine either.
Using the latest CLI as in the docs on Ubuntu.

As much as i love odrive for what it does in the core it’s still “little” annoyances that make it unusable again. I can’t have my backup process on the NAS block my entire bandwidth :frowning:

Hi @facebook,
Bandwidth control, in general, is getting a major rework in our next major release, but that is still several weeks away.

You could try controlling bandwidth on your LAN using QoS settings on your router or directly on the Ubuntu box with a utility like wondershaper or trickle, for example.