CLI sync not working with Amazon Drive

I’ve installed the CLI Agent in a Raspberry Pi that I have a backup. I’ve tested the mount and sync process with a single “test” folder in my Amazon Drive account and it was working fine.

But then when I tried to use it for my main purpose, it’s not working.

I have 161Gb in pictures/videos at amazon drive that I want to keep in sync with this backup folder. I have the local structure: /Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon Cloud Drive/
At this local folder I already have almost all the files I have at amazon, with the same structure (I’ve downloaded before using odrive).

Than I was trying to mount with this:
sudo ./odrive mount /Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon\ Cloud\ Drive/ /Amazon\ Cloud\ Drive/

And it replies: “/Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon Cloud Drive is now synchronizing with odrive.”

When I execute sudo ./odrive sync /Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon\ Cloud\ Drive --recursive , I have:
“Pass complete. Waiting 120 seconds and then scanning through /Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon Cloud Drive again to check for any remaining items …
Done with recursive sync of /Volumes/hdd/backups/Amazon/Amazon Cloud Drive”

But it’s not getting the new files I’ve just uploaded to my Amazon Cloud.

Anything I’m doing wrong here?


Hi @bleise.cruz,
I think the issue may be that a recursive sync doesn’t refresh all of the remote folders, so odrive may not yet see the new stuff. It will sync anything that odrive has already seen.

It may actually see those new files now, since it will end up doing a remote scan a little while after the daemon launches. You can also force a remote refresh of a folder by using the ‘refresh’ command. Can you give that a shot?