Changes not reflected across multiple machines @Paulo

I have 2 computers side by side, updated a file, both of them had the blue icon indicating the file was synched in both computers, but they were different from the other.

Also I created a folder and moved 2 files into it, but the 2nd computer just created a folder with the files but didn’t delete them from the original place…

Reflection of changes can take some time, depending on the source. Can you tell me what source this is?

You can request an immediate refresh of the folder with a right-click->odrive refresh. This will prompt the client to immediately ask the source for changes.

As for the move action, can you tell me what the actions was? What was moved, from where, and to where? It is possible that it was picked up as an add and delete, in which case you would need to empty the odrive trash (or enable auto-trash rules) to have that reflected to the source and other computers.