Changes are not picked up in Google Drive

I am having what could be a similar problem on my Mac. I tried to run just odrive with my work GDrive folder. I have a set of folders that retain status as placeholders (not yet synced). I have another set that have been synced (“touched”) once. The content in the sub-folders that I had synced did not update automatically after my colleague dropped files in to them. I had to start GDrive to get the odrive content in those sub-folders to update.

Am I missing something?

I might otherwise say, odrive is not automatically syncing folders that have been “touched” (i.e. that are not placeholders).


I missed this post in the other thread.

So you are seeing that remote changes by your colleague are never showing up on your desktop client? When you say you had to start GDrive to get odrive to see the changes, can you elaborate on that? I don’t understand that flow.