Ccleaner removed all odrive placeholder files

I want to share this nightmare experience I am having, I use tools like ccleaner to optimize my pc, and it remove all unsyn file as well… this is result all my data lose in pc and the cloud almost 10gb worth of my old photo and memory…


Hi did you check the cloud?

If your tool removes the cloud files, it’ll look like a delete, and odrive will put it into its trash, which will hold the delete to cloud until you “empty trash”.

Also, what cloud storage provider are you using? If you did empty trash, and odrive syncs the delete, the cloud storage provider also has the ability to recover deletes.

I try my best to look at the file, even in trash bin
when the file is empty in pc folder, it automatically syn to the cloud as empty and delete it all in the cloud, I am not kidding

I try to look at the trash but nothing found, I just lost every important file

Which cloud storage provider are you using?

When you click the odrive icon, and view trash, what do you see?

I am using google drive, when I click to odrive icon the number is mixed up between syn count and trash count, I was not alert at that time about this as this happen 3 days ago… I was panicked, and only can save several file and the rest is still unrecover from the pc … my stock audio file also deleted after this incident

everything went so fast :disappointed_relieved:

If you did not “empty trash”, odrive did not send deletes to google drive.

Go to to see what is actually in google drive (don’t use odrive to do this).

If you did empty trash (with odrive), odrive sends the delete to google drive. In this case, your files will be in google drive’s trash.

Go to

Let me know what you see in google drive’s web application.

I go to trash bin, and thing get more complicated… as I had no idea which file that I actually delete that I really don’t need and which file that actually deleted by accident … there’re tons of file and I can’t manage to help it… same goes to deleted file in odrive… there’re too much and it was mixed …

I really can’t help to solve this problem, I trying use File recovery and leave my PC for a days to scan, but I only can save a few and most of them becoming corrupted…

this is really sad day of my life, I was hoping cloud can save my important file, I had no idea how this cleaner change it completely, unsyn can be dangerous if someone use any optimize apps as it was not easy to find it back to trash bin as it was not group it a root folder, it show every single file of em… if there have 100,000 files… it’s not possible to understand which one to recover., the interface make it few people like me having difficulty

Hi @okezumi,
I don’t have a good understanding of what happened, but my recommendation is to recover everything from the Amazon Drive trash, if you do not know what is valid and what isn’t. It is better to have your data.

Since the files removed on your computer by ccleaner were placeholder files this means that all of that data was already synced to the cloud and will be recoverable. Recovering everything may make things a bit messy, but at least you will have your data back.

One way to expidite this, and make it a bit easier to recover, is to search for folders within the trash:

When you recover a folder, it will also recover any files that were in that folder that are listed individually in trash.