Can't unsync folder - unexpected error (amazon drive)

Hi All,

I’m trying to sync some data to my amazon drive. I copied it into the amazon folder of Odrive, and it now has a blue/green tick next to it. However, I am unsure of whether it is fully uploaded or not (you can’t tag a folder and get it’s size on the amazon drive webportal).

So, i thought I’d try to unsync it and see what happens, and I just get “unexpected error”. if I try to sync the folder, it looks like it is has synced correctly (i.e. it doesn’t throw up an error).

Can anyone help please?

Hi @ajoy,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Do you see anything listed in the odrive menu under “waiting” or “not allowed”. Is anything actively syncing still?

Hi there, I will send a report shortly. No, there isn’t anything waiting to sync, nor does it say anything is not allowed.


Hi @ajoy,
Windows is producing an error when trying to unsync.
WindowsError([Error 5] Access is denied: odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\3cx call recordings\sorted\201\2017\02\02\10'

When we unsync, we try to delete the items and replace them with placeholders. Windows is not allowing us to delete this folder. Can you see if the permissions on that folder are not set to read only, or something restrictive?