Can't sync - Unexpected Error


I have the MacOS client (High Sierra - prod 6344).
I’ve been syncing a lot of files on my Amazon Cloud Drive, and at one point it seemed stuck (all files went to “Waiting” mode). So I restarted the device, and now, odrive shows me like there are no files waiting to be synced at all! (not for upload, not even in the trash can - which I had dozens of files waiting before for both) - all gone!
When I manually try and right-click and sync folders which were not uploaded, I get a “Can’t Sync - Unexpected error. Please try again later”.

Update: Now it’s working again (trash bin has files in it again, and it’s uploading some files).
However, there are no files in the “Waiting” queue, so I’m not sure if they’re really gone or just non-visible

Hi @budowski,
When you restart odrive it has to scan through the data again, items in waiting or not allowed will not carry over between restarts. Instead they will be considered unsynced files and odrive will first try to sync them. if it cannot sync them it will put them in waiting or not allowed, depending on the error. odrive may also not be ready to sync some objects right away. Depending on the size of your structure (how many files and folders odrive has to track), it can take a while for odrive to be in a “ready” state.

OK, got it - so just to make sure:
Assuming I want to manually get odrive to sync certain folders, I can just go over the folders, and every folder that does not have a blue checkmark, means it has at least one unsynced file, right?

Hi @budowski,
odrive should automatically upload any files that are not already uploaded. It periodically scans for content to make sure of this. Once everything in a folder is synced, you should see a checkmark.