Can't sync subfolders manually

I had my oDrive all set up and syncing great. Everything was working fine for a couple days.

Then when I started work today, I was surprised to see that none of my subfolders have the blue badges indicating they have been synced. I attempted to manually sync my subfolders, but am unable to do so. When I right-mouse-click, there are no oDrive options available.

However, I am able to manually sync my parent folders. They have the blue badges.

I am currently on oDrive’s 1 week trial using Windows 10.

Thank you for your help.

Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing and send along a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I will take a look.


Today, the blue badges are back on my subfolders! All folders (subfolders and parent folders) are syncing per my settings.

If yesterday’s issue recurs, I’ll upload a screenshot and send diagnostics from the odrive tray menu.

I’m curious, though, as I’m evaluating odrive during this 1 week trial. Has this same issue been reported by other users, and was there an explanation or resolution?

Thank you.

I just wanted to check on this and make sure things are still working as expected.


Thanks for your follow-up, Tony!

The badges have consistently appeared on my subfolders. All is syncing as expected.

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Great! Thanks for the follow-up