Can't sync Google docs

I have tried everything but keep getting an error when trying to sync Google docs. The error just says Google Error.

Hi @sean1,
Can you reproduce the error again and then send a diagnostic so that we can see what is happening?

Since Google Docs can only exist on the cloud, odrive can’t do a whole lot with them except sync down a stub to open in the browser and rename/move.

Thanks. Enclosed is a screen shot. I had thought it would sync and remove the .cloud so that when I clicked the file it would open the browser to google. Does it not do that?

Now I cant see it through the Odrive web either when before I could at least see the files there

Thanks @sean1.

Were you able to send off a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu (at the bottom, above “exit odrive”)?

Hey @sean1,
I just wanted to ping you again on this in case you missed it. Once I see the diagnostic I should be able to tell what the issue is.


I am having the same issue as of today - suddenly google doc/slides/sheets are showing up as “Not Allowed” with the “Google error” message. They correspond to files created today in google drive. I just sent diagnostics on it.

Thanks @odrive5!
I see the error. Google looks to have changed the way they respond when trying to download a Google Doc file. I am able to reproduce now (I wasn’t able to yesterday), so they must’ve just rolled out this change.

We’ll look at getting a fix for this out ASAP.

Hi @sean1 and @odrive5,
The fix for this has been released:

Hi Tony,

Where on this page is the fix? I already have desktop sync set up - and it’s still flagging all new/changed google files as “not allowed”.

Hi @odrive5,
Underneath the image on that page are the links to download the latest version of the desktop client. The new version released today has the fix.

Release notes are here:

Hi @Tony,
I had the same issue with the Linux CLI, I was hoping you could point the release version that handles that bug for the Linux version.



Hi @varinia.gta,
Apologies for the late reply here. I missed this the first time around.

I will see what we can do about getting an updated version out to you in the next couple of days.

Keep in mind that odrive just downloads what is basically a shortcut to the google doc file on the web, so its not actually downloading a physical copy of it locally. You may already know that, but I just wanted to make sure.

Hi @Tony
I inferred that because the documents have the extension .gdocs and I can’t open them. It seems the Windows and Mac versions are able to open them in their docx format. Thanks a lot, hopefully there is an update for the Linux version.

Hi @varinia.gta,
Here are updated versions for Linux. These aren’t officially released yet, but it brings Linux in-line with the most recent Windows/Mac release: odrive

Again, odrive behavior for Google Docs is to just download what are essentially “shortcuts” to online Google Docs files. Those “shortcuts” currently only work with the Windows and Mac desktop clients, which are able to open them to the corresponding document on the Google Docs web client.

This means its not very useful on Linux, but it will stop the error when trying to sync these files, however. It sounds like what you are ultimately looking for is an option for odrive to export Google Docs as standard office-type files. This isn’t something possible right now, but it would be a nice advanced feature.

hi @Tony
Thank you for the reply. I will install the new version.

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