Can't sync files from Mac to Unlimited Amazon drive,

I synced one of my Macs to amazon drive with no issue but I just tried to sync another one and got the following error when I tried to start the sync. "the item (name of file) can’t be copied because there is not enough free space.

I am on a unlimited plan so no idea what that means.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?


Ok I pressed the diagnostics button in the menu and sent the report.

Can you tell me the file name you are trying to sync that is throwing the error?

I am actually trying to sync a bunch of files, and folders. The error occurs immediately on which ever file or folder is first. The file name does not seem to make a difference.

Can you provide a screenshot of the error? I don’t think this is an error from odrive, but from the OS.

Sorry for taking a while to respond. I have attached a screenshot of the error.

Hmm, yeah this is a message from OS X. It seems to think you do not have enough local storage to download the files.

Can you click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen and select “About This Mac” then click on the “Storage” tab and see what it says?


This is what I see in the storage tab.

Thank you for trying to help me resolve this by the way.

This is definitely a strange one. You appear to have plenty of space. While doing a search on this I came across this:

Do you use Time Machine? I would expect the storage screenshot you posted would reflect any Time Machine usage like that mentioned in the link, but its worth checking.

Can you describe to me exactly what action you are taking to trigger this?
Does it happen every time?

I don’t use time machine. But after checking the link you posted. I went back to the system profiler, and the free space seems to not match the actual available space.

So now it seems I need to find a way to get the 2 different space values to match up. Trash is empty so that is not the issue. I am just not sure how to correct it.

When I am trying to copy. I am selecting all the files I want to copy, and dragging them over to the amazon odrive window. The system calculates how many files need to be transferred. Then the error pops up before anything gets transferred.

What are the two different values you are seeing and where are you seeing them?

If you open up a terminal session and run this command, what do you see?
df -h

From terminal this is the output.

I noticed in system profiler there seem to be 2 values one for available storage and another for free space. The message in the error mentions free space which on the problem drive is 16.6MB compared to the available space which is 184.62GB.

Really odd. This article indicates that Spotlight could be to blame if the storage allocation reports don’t add up:

Might be worth a shot.

Just did that, and restarted to make sure the index was empty of info on the drive. Then added it back andv restarted again.

Just tried to re do the backup, and the issue is still present.

Have you tried copying the files via the terminal instead of Finder? The drive seems to have enough space, but Finder is blocking the copy attempt. I am wondering if using something other than Finder to copy works.

I am just trying to sync now. But so far it already looks like terminal does indeed work. So it does look like the finder is the issue.

Thanks for the update. I suppose you can try reaching out to Apple about it next. I would love to hear about a resolution for this one.