Can't sync encryptor folder

The error msg is, “Item does not exist on odrive”. But I check the real folder on Amazon Cloud Drive, it is existed but just be encrypted. How do I retrieve my data ?

and one more question, does odrive can release decode execution for some one have same issue ?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so we can take a look?
Can you also supply a screenshot of the error message with the view of Explorer/Finder where you are seeing the problem?


OK, I send th diagnostic right now.

The screenshot is here,

Hi @lichang.liu,

From the error message, it seems like the Amazon Cloud Drive storage link you used to create encryption folder is

a) no longer exists in odrive / unlinked from odrive - OR -
b) unlinked --> re-linked to odrive

By any chance, do you remember if you re-linked to your Amazon Cloud Drive storage (b) after creating encryption folder? if so then unfortunately state of the link has been changed and encryption folder will no longer work since it cannot correlate the storage link information used during creation vs. re-added link information even it has same name & linked to same account.

Here are the steps to overcome this situation:

  1. Add a new encryption folder (e.g. __PiPiMy_Home_II) and map it to the same folder (having your encrypted contents) in your Amazon Cloud Drive storage
  2. Goto encryptor folder in your desktop and right-click --> refresh, It should list your new encryption folder into encryptor folder.
  3. Double click on new encryption folder, It will ask you to enter passphrase. Please enter same passphrase you have used to encrypt the contents in your previous encryption folder (e.g. __PiPiMy_Home), It should then let you access your files.

Final step, If you find the above solution useful then it is fine to delete your old __PiPiMy_Home encryption folder entry from odrive’s encryption tab here and rename your new encryption folder back to __PiPiMy_Home

Please let us know if mentioned problem still persists



Hi Asif,

It works ! Thanks so much !

Love odrive so much ~ It’s a great app.

As your mention above, I did re-link the Amazon cloud drive before this error happened.

That’ because:
I moved my odrive folder from one path to the another, and I found the link in odrive web was gone.

I don’t know what happened, so I re-link ACD to the odrive.

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Glad to hear all is good now!