Can't sync encrypted splitted file

Hi, odrive team!

For several days I’m trying your product. I feel like it’s great and I should further use it. But I have an issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create encrypted folder (on amazon cloud drive in my case)
  • enable large file splitting (I tried 100MB)
  • upload large file
  • unsync large file
  • try to sync the file again

Attempt to sync fails with message “The file could not be decrypted. It may have been modified after it was encrypted.”

Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating.

I have the same problem, a lot of my files became useless which were uploaded in the past few weeks. Please reply ASAP.

Hi @guzik.sergey and @peter3 ,
We’ve found a bug in the way we read back the manifest on split encrypted files. We are investigating how to address it.

The file chunks are fine, but the client is having trouble reassembling them correctly. I will post updates here, once I have them.

ok Tony, thanks, good to hear.

Just an update: We are working on a fix and I expect it to be in the next desktop client release.

Good news! we have released our new desktop clients, soon we are going to push an update to existing clients, It should then resolve the above reported problem

NOTE: The autoupdater has not been pushed yet, so if you want to try out this build, please grab it from the download page here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns


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