Can't sync contacts


I’m getting a message annoyingly often about being unable to sync contacts. When this happens what I have to do is go to the contact folder, attempt a synch of the specific folder and if I receive the sync error message, delete the folder then move on to the next one.

The full message reads: “Can’t sync Contacts. Unexpected error. Please try again later.”

There is no further information from odrive and the sync of contacts is not attempted further. I have to manually start the process off again. While the error is reported, the error log in …odrive\log\error.log is empty.

Is there any way to find further information on this issue and why it is occurring only for some contacts?



Hi @manuel,
This could indicate an exception occurring on Google’s side, which interrupts the operation.

Are you performing a right-click->sync on the entire Contacts folder?

Can you trigger it again and send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

Hi Tony,

I did kick things off manually as the sync does not start automatically despite being enabled. I have a lot of files which still have not downloaded and I either ave to double click on them or right mouse click on the folder and select sync.

I’ve tried syncing the entire contacts folder and individua folders some of which fail and some of which do not.

I’ve sent the diagnostics as requested.

Hi @manuel,
Can you try sending another one please. It didn’t seem to make it over. This could indicate some networking troubles, in itself. Is your connection pretty stable?

Hi Tony,

Any update on this? I’ve sent a number of diagnostics reports, the last being a couple of minutes ago. The connection I’m using is pretty stable and I have no issues with other on-line services on either this laptop or the other ones in the house.

Hi @manuel,
I took a look at your latest diagnostic, which made it through. I se a few instances of Google rate limits and network connection timeouts.

There are also a few folders where Google is not returning the correct response. Unfortunately it is a generic error, so I can’t tell why it is doing this. This must be the folders that you are speaking of, where they are not syncing. In these cases we are asking Google for a list of the folder and it is returning an invalid response.

There may be a way to troubleshoot this using Google’s API testing capabilities. I will send instructions on PM.