Can't sync all OneDrive file

I want to sync all the file on my OneDrive with Odrive local storage - I need the same behavior as native OneDrive do.
I do like this for OneDrive folder. I left it for a night but in the morning I saw that sync complete but file in folders didn’t sync at all. And I can do it manually only (Sync -> Download all -> Incl subfolders -> Save and apply …). So I got this - Sharing Link not available for:Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 13.07.01.png
BTW If I choose several file/folders and push Sync only the first one stats syncing but not the rest.

MBP 15 2015, El Captain 10.11.6


This is the correct way to sync everything from in the folder you have chosen.

It is possible that an error will be encountered during that and the action will be aborted, requiring you to reissue the command. This is more likely to happen on large sets of data. We are working on refining this behavior to be tolerant of more exceptions and continuing on (retrying) instead of stopping the sync all action.

When you perform the sync all, including subfolders, are you seeing that everything is downloaded? If not, are you seeing any errors?