Can't open new File Explorer window by right click on Windows 10

Windows 10 there is a File Explorer pinned to the task bar. If I right click on
it I see a list of pinned folders and a list of ‘Recent’ folders that has been used

I click on any of these, nothing happens. If I right click a folder in the
pop-up and select “Open”, it does open.

use this instructions
to rule out the misbehave program. I found that the program that responsible to
this behavioral is odrive extensions (odrive Context Menu that in C:\Users\Administrator.odrive\bin\5203\x64\ContextMenu.dll)
if it disable in Shell Extensions Manager the behavioral of the folders in File
Explorer return to normal.

you please fix this odd behavior, I really use this functionality a lot.


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@hananel Thanks for the feedback. I can confirm that it’s probably something that we’re doing… whenever I have odrive running, I cannot open a Pinned location by right-clicking on the Explorer task bar icon. When I turn off odrive, that functionality starts working again.

I never noticed that issue before… The thing that I do the most is right-click on Explorer in task bar and select to launch another File Explorer, which seems to always work fine. It’s just the Pinned items which don’t do anything.

I’ll bring attention to it to our engineering team. I’m not sure why this would be a problem. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something about it.


By the way, you’re on an old build… Win v5203 is from April 11.

I can still replicate your issue even on a new build, but I do recommend you update so that you can get any bug fixes and new features that have come out over the past couple of months.

You can download the latest released build from here. Current latest is Win v5451. I’m surprised the autoupdater on your client hasn’t updated to something newer yet. Anyway, please update to keep your client current. =)


So it seems like an issue that may involve quite a bit of time to fix. At some point we may be able to work it in, but as of yet there is no timetable for it. I’ll let you know on this thread if anything changes.

As you’ve noted, you can right-click on the Explorer task bar item, mouse over a Pinned item, and then right-click --> Open to achieve the same effect for now. Sorry for having to wait, and I appreciate your patience.


Thanks Jeff,
I will wait for fix.
Its weird my odrive is v5445 and not v5203

Oh okay, I thought you may have been on 5203 since you had mentioned in your prior post the extension folder being:

If your odrive tray menu is reporting that you are on Win-5445, then that’s good. Perhaps some day after a reboot see if you can delete the 5203 folder out of bin just to be safe. :wink:

Thanks for bringing up the Explorer issue!

You are right, its seems a bug for its self, the upgrade process leave leftovers…
I deleted all the files in the path:
With out significant change, in the original bug.

Hi Jeff,

Is there any advancement to fix this bug?
Its become very uncomfortable to use Odrive in this condition!

I found my self shutting down Odrive all together in order to use Windows 10 properly, then I miss the all point of having Odrive as a reliable backup.

Hope for fix very soon

Any sign of a fix for this issue yet, or at least an indication of how far up (down??) the bug list it is?? TIA

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I apologize that this issue is still outstanding. We have not forgotten about it and plan to address it after we get through some of the other major items on our plate.


Since a long time I was wondering why I could not use the right click to open a new File Explorer Windows (W10 for sure, W8.1 I think).
The problem is from this extension “odrive Context Menu”. If I disable it, everything is fine. Once it is enabled, I can’t right click.

I found the solution here : Can’t open new File Explorer windows by right click on Windows 10

Please fix it.