Cant clear all files out of Waiting queue

I guess I accidentally tried to sync many gigabytes of data from my Amazon Drive. I had like 500 large files in the waiting queue. I can’t clear the queue and now over days its downloaded them all and its just putting them in the root of the Amazon Drive folder. It is very confused and so am I.

How do I make it stop? The usual stop doesn’t work. How can I clear the queue?

Hi @david.scott.brown,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Do you recognize the files? Are they files you had on Amazon Drive previously?

Yes they are all previous or existing files.

I sent the diagnostics. I am not sure if it will be helpful, I hope; but it is finished syncing. I synced about 300 GB into my root folder which I wiped.

Hi @david.scott.brown,
I took a look, but I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, as far as odrive sync is concerned.

odrive does have a lot of items in the odrive trash, so if you do not want those items in Amazon Drive any longer, you should empty the odrive trash from the odrive menu, which will commit those deletes to the cloud and move those files into the Amazon Drive trash.

If you go to the Amazon Drive web client, do you see all of those items in the root still?