Cant access my odrive account


My odrive account was associated to my company drop box account, and we recently migrated to another storage service (Jarvis/QNAP) and our drop box accounts no longer exist. So I now cant access odrive through dropbox! I sent a contact support ticket and provided my email and did not get a reply. I have a critical deadline to connect to odrive and upload website content to AWS asap so the site can run properly. Please help!

Hi @randa.yousef,
I will have the accounts team follow-up with you. You can always create a new odrive account and link your Amazon accounts through that, if you are short on time. Can you do that in the meantime?

Yes, I’m just not sure how to do so, this account that I’m posting from on this forum is the new account I created, with my personal email, I dont know how to link it to my work email to regain access. Can you please let me know how and I’ll proceed with that for now? Or do you mean set everything up on my personal account? My original work one is paid for and therefore offers premium options, but this personal account is the free version.


Hi @randa.yousef,
I would say to set up the links you need on your personal account. The billing department can then work with you on the subscription part. I just want to make sure you can upload the files you need to upload right now.

Hi Tony,
I set up a free account as you recommended and managed to upload urgent folders to AWS right away. However, this account expires in 4 days. I have not heard back from the odrive team, I had tried to reach out to them before posting on this forum. Would you be able to get the billing department to look into this issue asap please? They can contact me here on this personal email account and I’ll provide invoices and all necessary information to make a switch to another account (I can use my office365 account to keep it linked to my work email).
Appreciate your support!

Hi @randa.yousef,
I will follow-up with the billing department tomorrow morning and have them contact you. If you don’t hear from them by the end of day tomorrow, please let me know.