Cannot Unsync Folders


Hi guys,

I installed the Desktop Sync today and synced some folders, but when I tried to unsync them, it opened the odrive web page.
Why can I not unsync my folders?


Hi @Harrypotter31,
Apologies for the confusion. Unsync has been moved to a premium feature (as of 3-3-16), so it requires a subscription to use. You can try it out with a free trial, to see how it works and determine how valuable it is for you.



Hey, thanks for the quick answer.
It appears I was too late to find odrive. I just read that the older accounts still get to keep it.
I can try it, but I’m not ready to pay so much money just for that, I’m sorry. But I liked the product idea though. Guess I’ll go back to what I was using.


Fair enough. I would like to encourage you to at least try it out for a bit. Since we lay down placeholders by default, the storage utilization is drastically reduced for normal usage.


I will surely do at the moment.The placeholder idea is actually fantastic, but the way I see it, it would not actually bring any advantages for a free user like me since there’s no turning back after I have opened a file or folder once and has been synced, so the whole purpose of the placeholder is reversed if I cant at least manually unsync.They kinda go together.I read on another thread that I can delete and restore to unsync. Since that is possible, then aren’t you just consciously making it harder for us? I hope you don’t disable that possibility too now that I said it.I also read about the delete thing, so I tried it, and it does indeed take some time to detect it for trash, and the notifications are too much.From what I read from you commercial storage solutions don’t have a trash option themselves, but can’t you at least enable auto delete sync for the usual clouds, like Dropbox, Drive and such?
Let me know if something changes.Happy to give it another shot later.


So can you not manually unsync anything using the free tier? I appreciate having to pay to have the convenience of an ‘auto-unsync’ but surely manually unsyncing folders should not be a premium feature as everything gets installed ‘un-synced’ anyway?


Hi @luke,
It looks like you found this thread, but I will post here for others: