Cannot sync big size file (20GB)

Odrive has a problem when he uploads big file.
the sync will restart again and again. (despite the file been uploaded)

This happen idendepdentrly if you select “Split large file” or not.
Also the same happen if you use encryption.

If you upload the file directly to the host (example Amazon cloud), the download will work.

have other experience the same?

With IFS this shouldn’t be the case unless even the segments are large enough to cause a problem. It could also be another issue.

What is the size of the segments you are using for splitting?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and tell me the name of the file having issues?



The upload is the issue. Download are fine. (at least on Amazon. I was able to download file of 20GB without any issue.)
The upload will loop forever and start again a soon it is over. (but the file is actually uploaded)
Same behavior with IFS or not.

Anyway, I tried again last night on IFS and the upload was successful on a test 20GB file. Doing more test, and I will let you know but it seems I cannot reproduce the issue for now.
I will reach back if I encounter the issue again.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Everything still looking good?

tested upload file up to 200GB without issue. (also in encryption)
IFS is working great.
Maybe the issue was that I enable the IFS when I was already synching the directory.
Now I started from fresh (having both local and cloud content empty and also enable IFS from the start) and I was able to add content local (big file) without any issue.
Thanks for checking.

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Yeah if odrive was already working on things at the directory level then it will not apply the IFS changes mid-processing.
Glad to hear things are working well now.