Cannot remove missing folder

About a year ago I created a folder called “test sync folder” when learning how to use odrive prosync. I deleted it and eventually got everything set up properly.I can click on the sync to odrive option in the menu bar to remove other missing folders etc, but this one folder will not disappear from the list regardlesss of how many times i click remove sync. Any ideas?

Hi @nholloman,
This sounds like a strange one. If you re-create the folder, so that it is no longer shown as “missing”, are you able to right-click->remove sync on it?

if i re create a folder of the same name and cick to locate the missing folder, it still doesn’t re associate. i definitely don’t get it.

Hi @nholloman,
Since it was created quite a while ago, there may be a bug here, or an inconsistency in this older mount that is preventing it from being dealt with properly. It may require a full cache reset to fix (deauthorize and reauthorize).