Can you sync external storage with encryption?


I bought a subscription to premium wanting to sync “My Documents” folder, which is not located in my normal odrive folder, to a cloud service using odrive’s encryption. I’ve set my encryption up through the web service on, and tested it with a test.txt file and it seems to be working. I save the file under my Encryptor folder on my root cloud services level and it syncs to my cloud service as a bunch of garbled text.

However here is where I run into the issue. When I try to sync the “My Documents” folder using the sync anywhere premium feature and select that Encryptor folder, it errors and says I can’t access that folder through the web application (which is what pops up when you choose to sync something externally.)

The premium pricing for odrive has gotten pretty expensive over the last year so I’m hoping there is a way to do this that justifies the expense of premium. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there is a way I can make this work as I’m trying to. Thanks!


Hi @Vax,
Thanks for reaching out.

Currently you cannot use “sync to odrive” with an Encryptor folder, as you have seen. Mixing encryption with “sync to odrive” is something we are planning on supporting as part of our next iteration of encryption, which is currently under development.

Apologies for the confusion.



Hi, could you please provide a timeline for this. I am also very interested in having “sync to odrive” into an encrypted folder.



Hi @fam.jaeger,
I don’t have a specific timeline to provide, but it is currently being worked on and I expect it to be available in the beginning of next year.


thy for the info. will/have to waitFor


Hello everyone,

Any new developments regarding this feature? It’s been quite a while and a very important feature.