Can not access interface

Running Mac OS 10.11.6, Mac Pro Tower, Early 2009 edition. Running two monitors. My main HD is a SSHD running off the PCI slot.

After updating Odrive a few months back it is not working properly. It looks like it is running, but when I click on it for the drop down interface, nothing happens. The activity monitor shows that it is running. My files seem to be syncing. But I can’t interface with the application to turn it off when needed, delete files in the trash, or use it at all really. I down loaded the most recent version and installed that. I’ve forced quit the program and restated it via terminal commands. The problem keeps popping up. I’m also having issues with a few folders that have not synced yet. They have the Odrive icon, indicating that they are about to be synced, but I can’t access the files in the folder, and I can’t seem to force the folders to sync. Right clicking doesn’t bring up an Odrive option. What do I do next?

Hi @r_speth,
Do you see the odrive icon in the MacOS menu bar? If so, does it respond?

Can you post a screenshot o what you see when you run this command from the terminal while odrive is running?
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) status

Yes I see the Icon, it is moving like it is running. No it is not responding.
When I click on it, the icon stops moving, for a second, like it’s trying to open the drop down menu, then then just goes back to the running animation.

Here is the screenshot.

Hi @r_speth,

  • Does the icon respond when you first start odrive and then stop responding after? If it initially responds, please send a diagnostic.
  • It looks like you have a good amount of activity, currently. Are you in the process of bulk uploading?
  • When you double-click on a placeholder file, does it expand the folder or sync and open the file?

You can get more information about the various states by using an additional parameter in the command above. For example, to get a detailed status of uploads:
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) status --uploads

or to list the items waiting:
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) status --waiting

Odrive does work and respond when I first start up. It stops responding in 10 min or so after I log in. Where are the logs kept?
I’m a photographer, so I will have 300-400 images (42mb each) loaded into a folder once a month. I’m also creating larger (300-700mb) files every few weeks. So Odrive is dealing with a lot of files, I let it do it’s thing in the background.

I’d like to add, that I have a very slow upload speed here at my studio. Not sure if this is causing the problems.

When I double click on the placeholder file folder it tries to open but does nothing. It has Odrive listed as the “open with” option.

Hi @r_speth,
It may be that it is having problems responding to user actions because it is busy with the bulk uploading. I wouldn’t expect the impact to be this severe, but it is something we are addressing in our next major release.

There aren’t any logs that you can view yourself (something that will also change in the next major release), but the diagnostics are sent to us and I can use them to take a deeper look.

My recommendation would be to wait until uploading is complete (uploads and waiting reach zero with the status command, and odrive seems idle) and then see if odrive’s response to user actions returns to normal. It so, at least we will know that the current behavior you are seeing is due to odrive being busy.

Were you able to send over a diagnostic when you restarted? I would like to take a look at that.

Diagnostics just sent.
Given the nature of how I work, and the slow upload speeds at my studio, I think I am always uploading something.

Thanks for your help, I await the next update.


Thanks @r_speth.

If you manage to get into a state where uploading has completed, please let me know if the interface responds quickly again.