Bug with long file names

There appears to be a bug when attempting to unsync files that flirt with Mac OS’s maximum file name length. Not sure whether something similar happens on Windows.

If the length of the synced filename plus the .cloud suffix for its placeholder exceeds the OS maximum name length, oDrive turns up a “Can’t unsync” error message. Problem is, this error message only comes up after the file has already been unsynced locally. In other words, instead of detecting and preventing a user from unsyncing a file whose name would be too long as a placeholder — which would be the ideal situation — oDrive goes ahead with the first half of the unsync operation, deletes the local copy, and doesn’t error out until afterwards when it fails in the attempt to create the placeholder file.

Once this occurs, the file ends up stuck in either the waiting list or the not allowed list, and the only way to rectify the situation is to shorten the filename directly from the cloud provider’s interface, which can be significantly more cumbersome than it would be to simply reduce the file name length on the OS and then try unsyncing again.

Thanks for the report @las1817. I have passed it on the appropriate Engineering team for analysis.