Blank User Entries in Space Sharing Member List

We created a Space in oDrive and shared it out to a bunch of users. There are nine entries in the members list for this Space, however only three of the entries actually show the user’s name. Every account was configured the same way and we have already confirmed that everyone’s full name is listed in their My Profile section when logged into the oDrive webpage - when we checked this we also took care of the account verification as well. I have tried multiple browsers and even let it sit for a night or two. I checked again this morning and it still shows three users with their full names and the rest are still showing up as blank entries. All of the users are currently able to access the Space, but if we ever need to revoke access for a specific user we will be unable to confirm which user is which since only a third of the entries actually show the name. Is there any way to resolve this issue?

Hi @gobeyondinfinitytest,
This is certainly odd. Can you provide the name of the Space where this is happening?

To clarify, the list shows entries with “Permission” and “Join Date” populated, but the “Member Name” is blank?
Is there anything of note about the missing names, in terms of non-standard or special characters?

We resolved the issue but I figured I’d follow up in case anyone else reports it. In regards to your question, yes we were able to see the permission and join date column contents but a bunch of member name fields were blank – when inviting users we were able to see the e-mail address but I suppose it didn’t properly convert to the full name once the invite was accepted. Oddly enough a couple of the users did have their full names listed and there was nothing different about their account (we set up all of the accounts ourselves using the same naming convention for the Google accounts and whatnot).

Shortly after posting on the forum we removed all of the blank users and invited them again which seemed to do the trick (all showed up correctly).

Thanks for the update @gobeyondinfinitytest!

I’m glad you were able to resolve it, but we will be keeping an eye on this. QA will also be running some tests to see if they can reproduce the behavior.