Benefits of free version of odrive2


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Hi Tony,

may I ask what the intended benefit of a free account is? Why should I use odrive2? The only free feature of found for now is downloading some of my content, but what sense does it have if I can’t upload or modify anything?! It is like you have a messenger service where you can receive text messages and you pay for sending, you could rather use SMS…

So any point for me why to use odrive2??

Please make basic features free…

Thank you!


It really depends on your use cases, but I feel there is a lot of benefit in the free version.

Basic odrive2 allows you to view and download all of your storage from all of your devices, in one place.

We currently have iOS, Android, and Web clients available, but Desktop clients for Windows and Mac are coming, along with CLI access for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

With basic odrive2 you can also create custom drives with specific context. You can even share those custom drives out to other people.

If would like to discuss further or have any other questions about odrive2, please head over to the new odrive2 forum at