Bandwidth use by odrive

I happened to leave the same MS Word file open for editing on two computers, both of which are using odrive to sync to the same Google Drive. This caused odrive to continually try to sync the file on one of the computers, fail, wait, and retry. I didn’t notice that this was happening for 2 days (computers are always on), and in that time, odrive used more than 300GB (yes, GB) of download. Since this put me way, way over my limit, this little syncing issue is going to cost me about $200.

Has anyone else had an issue like this, and is there a way to have odrive not retry indefinitely?

Hi @craig.nowak,
You said that you consumed 300GB of download, but I would expect this to be an upload (odrive doesn’t retry downloads in this fashion if they fail). Can you clarify the issue a bit more for me? Do you know why the file was failing?


Sorry for the delayed response. Too angry to think about odrive for a bit.

I expected it to be an upload as well, but it wasn’t. I have both my PC and laptop syncing. My PC would use full bandwidth for about 10 seconds (30MB/s, but can burst to 80MB/s for about 5 seconds), then the odrive system tray would say something like ‘waiting to retry’ (I didn’t screenshot the actual message), then 20 seconds later would repeat. This went on for a couple of days before it was discovered.

I clicked Unsync on my top level folder, then Sync. The bandwidth problem stopped. Now, maybe related, but the PC is no longer syncing. It says it is sync’d, with a green check on my top level google drive folder. But the lower level folders don’t have either the green check or the red refreshing icon (I see others are having this problem). When I R-click -> Refresh, it goes briefly to red refresh icon, then back to green. But the files are not sync’d (I can see files on the Google Drive web interface that aren’t in my odrive folder. If I R-click -> Unsync, it says, “Some files are not in sync. Do you want to permanently delete these files and unsync?”. So if it knows they’re not sync’d, why doesn’t it sync them?

I’m using build 5203 on Win7 SP1.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look? Can you also provide the path you are looking at?


I have since backed up the local folder, unsync’d (this took several tries, kept getting errors from odrive), resync’d and let it download everything, then did a BeyondCompare between the two folders to straighten everything out. It appears to be working now, although there were a few files (26) that didn’t sync, and I had to r-click -> sync to do it manually.

Diagnostic sent. Path is D:\odrive\craig.nowak - Google Drive


Hi @craig.nowak,
I took a look, but I don’t currently see anything standing out. It sounds like you have managed to sort it out the previous issues, but let me know if there is a current issue I should be looking at.

If everything is sorted now, please let me know if you encounter something else. If you do, send a diagnostic with the relevant path details so I can investigate the issue as it is occurring. Unfortunately it is difficult to track these things down after-the-fact. I want to make sure we nail down any issues and get them resolved asap.