Badging icons disappear


Few days ago pink and check badging icons don’t show up. And folder odrive icon disappears when new update neither… (I put back manual). Why?

I have Windows 7.


Do you still have the right-click odrive menus, or are those gone too?

Did you happen to install any new software recently?

The right-click menus are OK.

I’ ve installed software but I don’t know what or if it affect.

Hi @acorven,
It may be possible that you are hitting an issue where another application has bumped odrive out of the overlay slots. Windows only has a small number of slots for Explorer overlays. Take a look at this thread for more information and a possible fix.

Ok, fixed with the final tip (adding spaces in register entries).


Thanks for the follow-up @acorven. Would you mind taking a screenshot of that section in the registry? I would like to see what was pushing us off.


In the final thread you have mention is it.