Bad proliferation of "conflict" files

ODrive is adding a lot of (apparently duplicate) “conflict” files to some folders that are shared and exncrypted. I"m not sure if other types of files are effected, but it definitely happens to at least some of my files with the extension “eml”. And what’s even stranger is that I have not recently modified the files that are getting proliferated. Some of the problems being cause by this behavior are (a) bogging down my computer with undesired/erroneous sync activity and (b) consuming space on my computers for undesired/erroneous files. Please help.

Hi @mbarre2004,
We’ve seen some previous issues with .eml files before, but it wasn’t clear what the issue was caused by. Are these files being actively used or are they stored for archival purposes? It may be possible that two clients are continually “conflicting” with each other.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after you see a new occurrence of this and provide the file name so I can try to trace the behavior?

After that, I would recommend unsync that folder i you don’t need immediate access to it to suspend the behavior.

Hi, Tony. They are stored for archival purposes. And one of the strange things is when I look one of the directories that has the issue, none of the “conflict” files have a time stamp older than 5/30/17, and almost all of them have a time stamp of 6/3/17. And one of the “conflict” files (e.g., “jinny_hours (conflict) (conflict).eml”) has a timestamp (6/1/17) that is older then the corresponding base file (e.g., “jinny_hours.eml” = 6/3/17.

I just now deleted a bunch of the conflict files, only to have ODrive immediately (upon my emptying the trash bin) add some back (such as “jinny_hours (conflict 2) (conflict 2).eml” with the fresh time stamp of 6/3/17 11:28pm.

So I just sent a diagnostic report.

Also, I can’t delete some of the conflict files. For some reason, the delete option is missing from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer (Windows 8.1). And selecting the file and pressing the delete key doesn’t work either.

[Edit: But the right-click menu does have an option for “open file location” (or something like that). And if I click that first, then I can delete the files.]

I just sent a second diag report, because some more new conflict files got added (I think), such as a filename starting with “RE: P38957”. But the reason I say “I think” is because a few files with names starting with “RE: P38957” show up in explorer when I do a search for “conflict;” but then when I highlight one of those files and select “open file location”, I don’t actually see any files in that directory starting with “RE: P38957”. Though I do see some other fresh conflict files, such as “thanu - original (conflict 2) (conflict).eml”

Hi @mbarre2004,
I’ve been digging into this. It appears to be related to Windows behavior Windows will change the date on .eml files. I am still trying to figure out when/why it does this and how to stop it.

When Windows changes the date, odrive sees this change and re-uploads the file. Now, if this folder is being viewed by multiple systems and at least two of the systems are set to download these files automatically, then you will probably end up with some never-ending loops as the file is downloaded on two systems, Windows changes the date of the file on both systems, odrive uploads the changed file on both systems, and they conflict.

I am still looking into it more to see if we can prevent the Windows behavior.