Attempting to open a placeholder folder in my Google Drive; odrive unable to sync b/c "This file doesn't exist"

Hello, Tony et al.

I have a folder in my Google Drive that currently shows up as a placeholder within my odrive. When I attempt to open the file to view the contents of the placeholder, odrive returns, “Unable to sync XXXX.cloudf” with the reason, “This file doesn’t exist”.

Yet, the folder in question is clearly within my Google Drive with contents.

How do I rectify this?

Hi @toshi,
Can you trigger the message again ans then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and I’ll take a look?

What happens when you try to open this folder from the odrive web client?

Hi, Tony.
Thanks as usual for the swift reply

I just sent the diagnostic.

I can also confirm that I can access the content of the placeholder folder from the odrive web client.


Hey @toshi,
Unfortunately the diagnostic is not capturing this error for some reason. Can you take a screenshot of the error so I can see the exact wording? I’m going to see if I can back-trace it to figure out where the issue may be originating.

Any chance you could share this folder with me via google to I completely understand if you can’t, but it would allow me to debug it to see what is happening and start on a fix. I would only check the folder expand.

Here’s the screenshot.

…and I just sent you a share link for my Google Drive folder in quesiton.


Thanks @toshi!

I sent you a direct message. Can you look at it when you get a chance?