Asked to authorize access to OneDrive frequently

I’m facing a similar issue today. odrive asks for OneDrive authentication multiple times a day. I’m using Windows 10 Enteprise edition. I’ve just sent a related diagnostics from the app. I have an Office 365 Home subscription and I’m syncing two separate OneDrive accounts with the same Windows account. Could this be a separate issue then? The syncing has definitely stopped even if I’ve successfully re-authorized odrive.

Please let me know and I can raise it as a new question.

Hi @stevesiroki,
I took a look at the diagnostic. It looks like the login exception is only happening on one of the two accounts. The account it was happening on appeared to have lots of sync activity prior to the error. Are you performing some bulk operations, currently?

I am thinking that this may be happening because of some race conditions during heavy activity, where the access token is not refreshed quickly enough for the numerous threads and it produces this error, even though login is not required.

If you are trying to perform a bulk download, we can try another approach to see if we can get around these errors.