Are zip files unpacked by odrive?

On the Mac client, I am seeing filenames come up under “Syncing Changes” that simply should not be there. They are not in the directory that I am syncing. However, there are present inside .zip archives that are being synced. Would odrive be uncompressing zip archives before or while it is syncing for some reason? If so, this is going to make the process of syncing things very long indeed!

Hi @DarfNader,
We don’t have any special handling for .zip files, and do not extract them. Do you have an example file that I can test with? Are you certain that the files listed do not exist elsewhere, outside of the .zip archive?
Are these individual files ending up on the remote storage?

Yes. it appears appears the files are on the remote storage. It’s hard to give you examples since they are not presented in fill path. Are complete logs of the activity kept somewhere?

What made me realizing something was fishy was that nokogi.ri was bring synced by odrive, yet I don’t have that file anywhere (I verified with both find and Spotlight) but it was in the contents of a zip archive that was transferred.

odrive doesn’t do anything special when scanning the accessible files and folders. If the archive is somehow traversable in such a way that when odrive scans the file system is it able to enumerate and access the files inside, then this could be possible. This is what happens with MacOS package files, for example, that appear as a single file from Finder, even though they are actually a folder structure.

I am unable to reproduce this behavior with my own tests, so if you have a file I can test with, I can see if I am able to reproduce and what may be the cause.

A diagnostic may also reveal something.